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Frigg (Frigga, Frija, Fricka), of the Aesir: her name means 'Love,' and she is Odin's wife, and mother to Baldur and Hoor.  She is the Goddess of Civilization and the true Mother of all and protector of children, the All-Mother.  She spins the sacred Distaff of life, and is said to know the future, although she will not speak of it.


Like many mothers, she is a peacemaker and mediator in times of strife.  Frigg is frequently pictured as being charming, wearing a girdle hung with household keys and weaving clouds on her spinning wheel.  She had great patience and tolerance, often defending Odin when his actions were questioned.  Frigg was believed to travel in a chariot drawn by a pack of dogs, perfect symbols of fidelity and faithfulness.  She is appealed to help women, Earth, nurses, family, weavers, mothers, marital counseling centers, and love.

She spends her time spinning golden thread or weaving bright colored clouds.  In order to perform this work she made use of a jeweled spinning wheel which shone brightly in the sky known as "Frigg's spinning wheel in the north" and in the south known as Orion's belt/girdle.

And this is just a snippet of what can be found in, 'Who Are Your Divine Friends?'.



Altar: upon cloth set twelve white candles, one sky-blue candle, a great jug of mead, and a drop spindle full of handspun yarn

Color: blue, silver, green, white

Day: Friday

Incense: lily of the valley, strawberry, rose

Offering: learn to spin, bring harmony to some place that needs it

Plant: birch, fir, hawthorn, spindletree, elder

Pronunciation: 'Frih-gah' (Frigga)

Rulership: abundance, childbirth, fertility, children, marriage, love, crafts, farming

Runes: Berkanan, Dagaz, Mannaz, Uruz

Stone: copper, emerald, moonstone, rose quartz, silver

Symbol: crown, mother, family, dog, distaff, air

Wheel of Year: Beltane, Lughnasadh


Hymn to Frigga

Frigga, the Daughter of Fjorgynn,
Frigga, the Wanderer´s wife,
Frigga, the well-loving mother,
Frigga who fights and protects,
Frigga, who understands everything,
Frigga, the friend you can trust,
Frigga, who knows and is silent,
Frigga, who sees our wyrd,

Frigga, the Warder of fire,
Mistress of home and of hall,
Frigga who grants hospitality,
Frigga who comforts and heals,
Frigg who is strong and takes action,
Frigga who cares and provides,
Frigga, the head of the household,
Frigga who guards our hearths,

Frigga who watches the children,
Frigga who comforts our grief,
Frigga, the mistress of Fulla,
Lofn and Eira and Gna,
Frigga, the mistress of Gefion,
Vor, Var and Snotra and Syn,
Frigga, the Mother, the Wise One,
I sing by day and by night!

~ Michaela Macha


Toast to Frigga

Frith-seeker, Wise to fates,
Keeper of the keys of Valhól.

Mother of Æsir, Mourning your son,
Watcher of the weal of all.

We gather in faith, We gather in frith,
And seek your blessing to bestow.

To lady Frigga, Loving mother,
We drink this draught to you!

~ Gary Penzler


A Picture of Frigg

When the moon is full
she opens her vein of wisdom
            for him to drink from.

She is the guardian of lost souls
                         weaver of fate.

There are no paintings
                    no icons
                    of her divine face.

She is the hidden force of knowledge.
Dancing in the shadow
            of her husband´s glory.

She is the Goddess
                    of the Goddesses.

Keeper of secrets
                puller of strings.

~ Birgitta Jonsdottir


Housework Prayer

Lovely Lady Frigga,
as I go about my housework, let me see each job I do
As a way of honoring you and doing my share of the Good Work.

Let me wash away my judgments of others, as I do those loads of laundry,
and may my thoughts of others be as warm as the clothes I fold.

Let me tidy up my mind as I tidy up the newspapers,
Let me sweep away my fears like the dirt from little paws.

May I be as quick with my forgiveness as I am with mop and broom,
Sweeping up the clutter in my heart as in my living room.

May I rinse out pride and ego as I rinse my morning dishes,
And may anger, hate and doubt go down the drain as well.

Please remind me often, lovely Lady Frigga,
That I follow in your path
and that the way I'm called to serve
Is an honor given me, and not below what I deserve.

~ A variation on an anonymous Christian original. Heathen poet unknown.


An Offering to Frigga

Lady of Asgard,
You who hears the secrets of the All-father,
You who holds his heart in your hands,
In you we seek what we need,
And you provide, greatly.
Let us remember your gifts,
And honor you with well wrought work
From our hands and our hearts,
May we aid each other in times of need.

Through you, Frigga, we can learn much,
And in you are mysteries that we seek to understand,
Wind us in your distaff, dole us fair and just fate.
Through you, Frigga, we ask that this life
Be full of love, light, and needed strength
Great Mother, accept our offering,
Not of blood, but of our efforts and devotion,
Our love and desire to honor you

Hail Frigga! Hail Frigga! Hail Frigga!

~ Larisa C Hunter 


A series of events occur where the Gods take revenge upon God Loki by binding him and thus furthering the onset of Ragnarok, though Frigg is not mentioned further in lore.  The blessing of Frigg is still invoked for birthing women with a white candle that last burned during the winter solstice, being used as a charm to ensure a safe delivery.  Her friendship can also be honored by helping mothers and children: make peace, find each other, cleaning, feeding or comforting.

After Christianization, mention of Frigg continued to occur in Scandinavian folklore.  In modern times, Frigg has appeared in modern popular culture, in the subject of art, and receives modern veneration in Germanic Neopaganism. 






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