Sunday, April 12, 2015

Stanza 57

daiy 57 featuredThe Hávamál is one of the poems of the Poetic Edda.  It sets out a set of guidelines for wise living and survival.  The Hávamál consists of a number of poems, which shift in tone and tenor and narrative position.  Numerous English translations exist of the text.

Stanza 57

Original :
Brandr af brandi
brinn unz brunninn er
funi kveykisk af funa
maðr af manni
verðr at máli kuðr
en til dœlskr af dul

Translation :
One log takes fire
from another
until it is consumed.
Fire kindles from fire.
People gain wisdom
by speaking to other people
foolishness is born
of silence
–Hávamál: Stanza 57


Communities are strengthened by having a variety of voices and interpretations. Differences and disagreements are not only part of human nature, they’re what makes a community strong. Any group that does not question itself is going to stagnate.

There can be many challenges to walking this Path and many divisions in the road to choose, but there is a growing Pagan Community out there.  The growing number of children in the Pagan community has lead some groups to open their rituals to families and youth, adjusting some practices that may not have been appropriate or accessible for young people.

In some traditions, Pagans pass on traditions and lore to children through trainings and camps, a form of spiritual education common in many religions. In her book, Circle Round, Pagan leader Starhawk outlines practical tools and lessons for conveying Pagan traditions to children, as well as for raising Pagan families.

And even if you are not out of the 'broom closet', there are many ways to kindle others.  Online communities, such as Witchvox, can be done with a different name to remain anonymous.  Sharing comments on blogs can be done unsigned, feel free to do so below.  And many Pagan publications can be written under a pen name, such as Circle Magazine, to share thoughts. 

We can’t gain wisdom by speaking into an echo chamber. We learn by speaking with those who see things differently than we do.