Sunday, November 11, 2012

Notes on Nordic Wicca

Hi - So I have had a lot of requests for some of the information I have done over the years on faith.  Lately I have been attending an Unitarian Universalist Pagan Center for the community.  But at home I honor energies in my own way.  Generally focused on the four seasons, eight main observations and eight principles.  Based on my Germanic Ancestry, mixed with more modern Wicca. 

More about me, Sam Silver.

This is not about Satan, Neo-Nazi, Hate or One-Way-Only Thinking.  This is merely a collection of notes that I have gathered over the years.  Also of note, since I have done this over years, I don't know all of the references.  Thanks to Angelfire, Wikipedia, Starisloveni, Religionfacts, Sunnyways, countless books and numerous people interviewed over the past few years.

Eight Guidelines:

¥      A free and responsible search for Truth and meaning.

¥      The inherent worth and Dignity of every being.

¥      The Strength to allow one to achieve in the face of opposition.

¥      Acceptance of one another and encouragement of spiritual growth.

¥      Temperance and harmony protects the rhythm of daily life.

¥      Justice, equity and compassion in human relations.

¥      Wisdom from the world's religions inspires ethical and spiritual life.

¥      Give out Love and let it come in.

Four Seasons:

Earth      q                                                                                           Earth is Home

North, New Moon m, Winter, December, January, February, Winter Solstice (New Year Yule), Imbolc (Charming of the Plow), Midnight, Truth, Justice, Light the Darkness, Resting, Green, Hands, Soil, Body

Air                                                                                    Spirit is Enchanted

East, Waxing Moon (First Quarter) G, Spring, March, April, May, Spring Equinox (Summer Finding), Beltane (May Day), Dawn (Sunrise), Wisdom, Dignity, Planting, Yellow, Incense, Hope, Wind, Breath

Fire                                                                                   Body is a Temple

South, Full Moon M, Summer, June, July, August, Summer Solstice (Midsummer), Lammas (Freyr Fest), Noon, Strength, Justice, Love, Growing, Red, Soul, Health, Sun, Candle

Water                                                                                           Mind is Divine

West, Waning Moon (Third Quarter) T, Autumn, September, October, November, Autumn Equinox (Winter Finding), Samhain (Winter Nights), Dusk (Sunset), Temperance, Acceptance, Blue, Ice, Blood, Fog, Heart, Harvest, Concerns, Rain

Within each Season is a set of beings and elements: Earth would include the above plus Bovine, Dark Goddess, Frigg, Midgard, Svartalfheim, Wolf, etc...

The deities are metaphysical aspects of the primary Goddess and God.  Simply sources of energy and transitional personas from which to perform with and produce different effects.  Instead of believing that we were created to serve the deities, most believe that the relationship between humanity and the deities function in a mutually reciprocal manner. 
Of note, six of the days in the weeks are named after the Norse deities.  And many Americans, especially here in the Midwest, have Norse Ancestry.  To the Norse, the world began with fire and ice.  And would end in a grand cosmic disaster called Ragnarok.  But until then I'd like to live in the here and now. 

Ok - So where does that leave what to call this.  I know it is not Asatru, however I do honor Norse names and ways.  It is not really Wicca either.  I guess you could call this the Notes on Nordic Wicca.

I hope to help some readers explore deeper into their path or help others start their journey.  I'm not sure where I'll take this blog. There are numerous deities, concepts, paths and more that I could post about.  Leave a comment below if you have a topic to explore or other ideas.  Or click on "no comments" to bring up the comment box.  The comment will not show right away but it would be great to add others input.  Ask away.  Enjoy your path and thank you for reading along!

In December, the wheel turns to the element Earth.  Earth is Home and focuses on the principles of Justice and Truth with the Winter Solstice and Imbolc.   I can do notes on just those two days or weekly notes on different elements and beings within this season...
Grant thy protection;
And in protection, strength;
And in strength, understanding;
And in understanding, knowledge;
And in knowledge, justice;
And in justice, love;
And in love, the love of all existences.
So may it be.


  1. Hi Silver! I actually wound up on your blog by way of the beautiful image of "Cernunnos" as a ghost deer in a forest on your 1/19/13 post. On the one hand, I am hoping you know the artist who rendered it (please let me know, as I would love to put it in my not- yet-published website replacing an older one w/malfunctioning). On the other, after browsing about a bit in your blog, I want to appreciate you for it: some great info, and I esp. love the beautiful "Eight Guidelines." blessings! Creeksong

    1. I think the deer in the stag post is from tumblr, Sandsom ‘90? I love that image, it works for Stag, Algiz Rune, Yggdrasil and more. If your are looking for other Cernunnos try the Embrace the Divine. The God images on that on is from the movie, Snow White and the Huntsman. You can also find more on the guidelines at A Year in Review!.

      Thanks for reading along!

  2. Hi there! I was Asatru for 20 years until I encountered Goddess in a very strong way while meditating 4 years ago. I then explored other paths and tried to make my expanded world-view fit into Heathenry. Finally, I landed on Nordic Wicca and am enjoying the freedom of the tradition. I still have the closeness with my God/desses but in a more peaceful, and modern practice. Thanks for your blog, it can feel lonely on this path sometimes.

    1. When I first started out, it was a lonely path. Now, I get thousands of readers and followers a week at this blog. Adding posts and answering questions and comments has really helped my own path grow. Check out the Norse Wicca? post in May 2014. There are many Norse Wiccans out there, none of us are alone!

      Follow along. Add comments. Ask questions. Share the posts. And thank you for reading along! Blessed Be!

  3. I really find very interesting your blog and your way to feel and think about the whole nordic pantheon deities and traditions with the wicca principles. So happy to join your group of readers :) Blessings from Spain!

  4. Really interesting to read all the informations about Thor!

  5. Blessed Be! I just wanted to inform you of the foundation of our Norse Wiccan organization, Temple of Wiccatru. You can find us on these two blog sites:
    We will be making frequent downloads onto the latter site, as our temples B.O.S. is type set. As can be seen via our posts, we are a semi-reconstructionist tradition & not fluffy bunny Wicca. WASSAIL!

    1. Thanks for reading along! Good luck with the blog.