To all my readers, followers and Path seekers - the Book is out!  'Who are your Divine Friends?'
If you’re like me and prefer curling up with a book rather than a screen - you’re in luck!  Because I write books as well, a book and a calendar.  All of it is completely unique insight that I’ve gleaned from decades of hands-on experience.
Topic ideas, comments or questions can also still be left below.  The filter is on, so your info will not be displayed and private messages can also be left below.
If you enjoy the book, let someone know.  If you don’t have anyone to tell, post a review on Amazon.  I do my best to take the funds from the books and channel it directly back into the work I do here.  So you’re not just writing a review or purchasing a book - you’re funding a gathering, helping to pay for the site, or making it possible to give away copies of the books to those who can’t afford to purchase them.
On my Path, I try to give away as much as I can.  It’s why I don’t charge for instruction and why I strive to offer as much freely through the site as I’m able.
Rumor has it that there are more books on the way.
My book goes into many Myths, Gods and Goddesses.  There is lore from the Poetic and prayers for many deities.  The book can help you befriend and learn a lot about Odin, Thor, Frigg, Hela, Freya, Tyr, Freyr and more...
There are many names for the Celestial Being, and it can harder to define than air.  Worldwide there is Lady, Goddess, Deity, Loki, Yahweh, Father, Xochiquetzal..., well you get the idea.  Many Pagans prefer to use a gender free word such as 'Spirit'.  For me, I use 'Divine Friends'.
My book also gives a modern twist.  A way to honor those Gods and Goddesses in the twenty-first century.  For example, the first Goddess listed is Valkyries.  An ancient warrior maiden on winged horses.  How does a twenty-first city boy with no spear or horse honor her?  Honor their friendship by helping veterans of war or by feeding the homeless.  Something anyone today can do easily.

Thank You for reading along!

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