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There was a request at the end of Yule gathering about my rune placement with elements.  Not a common practice but I do have them on a table. I do mix my runes with Anglo Saxon but you should be able to find most of Elder runes on it.  I'll combine with this one for a new table ~ Table updated 12/31/12.

Element Table - The Norse do use Ice and Fire as elements - from the creation story.  But being also Wiccan I use the classical 4 elements in this table.  As you will see, we have already touched on Earth, Justice, Yule and other parts of it; with more to come later. It is just an example of tables that you can build as you learn and gather notes.  Just find some paper and write keywords down, you can add runes, tarot, spirit, events, planets, your own divine items or whatever helps.  I have one posted in the front of my Book of Shadows since this is how I ordered my notes.  Just some ideas for the New Year...

  Water   Air Fire  Earth 
Associations Tides, Ocean, Moon, Fog, Blood, Bathroom, Lake, Rain, Fountain, Cup, Ice, Shell, Well Wind, Smoke, Breath, Mountain Top, Rainbow, Bedroom, Feather, Sky, Incense Desert, Knife, Volcano, Sun, Candle, Kitchen, Stars, Lighting, Lava Cave, Salt, Forest, Soil, Valley, Metal, Field, Living Room, Garden, Bone, Tree
Colors Blue, Sea Green, Aqua, Silver Yellow, Sky Blue, White Red, Orange, Yellow, Gold Green, Brown, Black
Direction West East South North
Moon Phase Waning Moon T Waxing Moon G Full Moon M New Moon m
Season Autumn Spring Summer Winter
Months September (Harvest), October (Hunters), November (Snow) March (Storm), April (Frog), May (Flower) June (Sun), July (Buck), August (Sturgeon) December (Cold), January (Wolf), February (Wind)
Sabbats Autumn Equinox, Samhain Spring Equinox, Beltane Midsummer, Lammas Yule, Imbolc
Time Sunset, Maturity Sunrise, Infancy Noon, Youth Midnight, Old Age
Virtue Temperance, Truth Wisdom, Dignity Justice, Love Strength, Acceptance
Action Harvest Planting Growing Resting
Rune w, i, j, p, h, K, d l A, d, T, m, G, r, y, x t, c, k, s, f, n, j      E, q, u, e, I, b, N q                 
Deities/Beings Crone, Hela, Manni, Njord, Sif, Norns, Skaldi, Valkyrie, Sea Serpent Heimdall, Idunn, Maiden, Odin, Thor, Elf, Giant Balder, Dragon, Freya, Loki, Mother, Sunna, Tyr Dark, Freyr, Frigg, Dwarf, Earth
Animals Sea Birds, Crab, Dog, Fish, Dragonfly, Turtle, Swan Bear, Hawk, Bee, Eagle, Goat, Raven, Spider, Rooster Cat, Serpent, Fox, Salamander, Lion Boar, Bovine, Horse, Squirrel, Rabbit, Stag, Wolf
Body/Aspects Chest, Womb, Taste, Heart, Blood, Emotion Hope, Breath, Speech, Imagination, Knowledge, Smell Soul, Sight, Brain, Heart, Mobility, Health, Energy Hands, Body, Touch, Skeleton, Skin
Stones Aquamarine, Moonstone, Amethyst, Coral, Opal, Pearl Topaz, Pumice, Mica, Aventurine, Clear Quartz Fire Opal, Jasper, Ruby, Bloodstone, Volcanic Stone, Sunstone, Amber Salt, Coal, Jet, Agate, Granite, Emerald, Jade
Plants Coltsfoot, Fern, Water Lily, Willow, Lotus, Periwinkle, Reed, Seaweed, Rose Anise, Aspen, Violet, Dandelion, Frankencense, Peppermint Chile, Almond,Coffee, Garlic, Hawthorn, Tobacco, Witch Hazel, Onion Barley, Buckthorne, Corn, Ivy, Oak, Licorice, Moss, Acorn, Lichen
Scents Onycha, Myrrh, Lily, Vanilla, Sandlewood Galbanum, Lemon, Peppermint, Lavender Frankincense, Cedar, Olibanum, Orange, Sulfer Spikenard, Cypress, Storax, Sweetgum
Sound/Music Cymbal Flute, Bell Guitar, Stringed Drum, Percussion
Appeal Emotion, Death, Concerns, Dreams, Family, Healing, Love, Mind is Divine Mind, Intuitive, Karma, Birth, Learning, Spirit is Enchanted Activity, Marriage, Creativity, Wealth, Life, Purification, Body is a Temple Prosperity, Abundance, Grounding, Stability, Earth is Home

Blessed Be!

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