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Midgard, Middle Earth, is the name for the world inhabited by and known to humans in early Germanic cosmology and specifically one of the Nine Worlds in Norse mythology.  Pictured as placed somewhere in the middle of the Yggdrasil tree, Midgard is surrounded by a world of ocean, that is impassable.  The ocean is inhabited by the great sea serpent Jormungand (Midserpent), who is so huge that he encircles the world entirely, grasping his own tail.  God Thor is its Guardian.

This abode of mankind, is made from the body of the first created being, the giant Ymir.  According to legend, the Gods killed Ymir, rolled his body into the central void of the universe, and began fashioning Midgard. Ymir's flesh became the land, his blood the oceans, his bones the mountains, his teeth the cliffs, his hair the trees, and his brains (blown over the earth) became the clouds.  His skull was held up by four dwarfs, Nordri, Sudri, Austri, and Vestri (the four points of the compass), and became the dome of the heavens. The sun, moon and stars were made of scattered sparks that were caught in the skull.  God Odin and his two brothers Vili and Ve, created the first humans from an ash log, the man and from an elm log, the woman.

Midgard is situated halfway between Niflheim on the north, the land of ice, and Muspelheim to the south, the region of fire.  Midgard is joined with Asgard, the abode of the Deities, by Bifrost, the rainbow bridge.

According to the Eddas, Midgard will be destroyed at Ragnarok, the battle at the end of the world.  Jormungand will arise from the ocean, poisoning the land and sea with his venom and causing the sea to rear up and lash against the land.  The final battle will take place, following which Midgard and almost all life on it will be destroyed, with the Earth sinking into the sea, only to rise again, fertile and green.
Mannaz is the conventional name of the m-rune m of the Elder Futhark.  It is derived from the reconstructed Common Germanic word for "man".  Mannaz represents all of humanity who dwell on the Earthly plane Midgard.  It is about those with whom with have intimate relationships, such as our immediate circle of family and friends, to the wider community. It also extends to our connection with nature and our instincts to be social creatures. Mannaz represents our connection with the Universe and nature, as well as the lifecycle of birth, death and rebirth.   


Be happy in life.
Bring happiness to your friends and relations.
Yet be aware that death is always waiting.

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