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Appeal: Children, Garden, Youth, Health, Beauty, Maidens, Innocence
Idunn is the Norse Maiden Goddess of youth and springtime.  She was one of the lesser known Aesir Goddesses who lived in Asgard.  Idunn has golden hair and often seen with a box or basket of golden apples.  She is married to Bragi the God of poetry.

She is the keeper of the golden apples that give the Gods immortality.  The golden apples grew on a tree that could only be harvested or given to others by Idunn.  Since the Norse Gods are not immortal, the apples are considered very precious.  

When Loki arranges for the giant Thiassi to abduct her, all the Gods and Goddesses start to age and weaken.  Loki promises to return her and, in the form of a falcon, finds her alone at Thiassi's home.  Loki turns her into a nut and takes her back to Asgard. After Thiassi finds that Idunn is gone, he turns into an eagle and furiously chases after Loki. The Gods build a pyre fire in Asgard and, after a sudden stop by Loki, Thiassi's feathers catch fire, he falls and the Gods kill him.  Idunn is safely returned to her grove and the Gods renew their immortality and youth.

Because of the events of Ragnarok, Idunn is believed to suffer the same fate that befell the rest of the Asgardians.  Idunn's apples cannot stop death.                                         

She hides her apples

in a wooden box

sealed with magic.

She feeds them to those who have chosen

to let their souls grow.

So that their flesh

won't wither away.

She walks her garden silently

with the box

well hidden in her heart.

Watering the apple tree

with her tears.

So may it be.

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