Friday, April 11, 2014

Mani's Day

Calendar of the Moon

mAni is the God of the moon.  Mani pulled the moon through the sky every night, pursued by the wolf Hati.  Lunar eclipses were caused by Hati coming close to catching Mani; children banged pots together and made great noise, hoping to scare Hati away from the moon.  Monday is named after him (Moon day).

Color:  White
Element:  Water
Altar:  Upon a white cloth set a plate of round white cakes, a single thick white candle, a white bowl of water and a pitcher of fresh milk from a local animal.
Offerings:  Milk.  Sugar.  Nurturing another.
Daily Meal:  White foods, such as rice, coconut, almonds.  

Mani Invocation

In the dark of night
You are the source of light.
Our ancestors gathered at this time,
Protected by the silvery glow
That drove the demons from the dark fields.
Mani, Moon Father of the silver,
On the surface of the ocean,
You speak to us of inner tides,
Of feelings swelling like waves.
You count the days, the moments,
You speak of trust in the universe
Proven by the lunar cycle,
Something we can always count on,
Something we will always see.
What is done under Moon Night
Is seen by the Gods both of Darkness and Light.

(Let each come forward and be given milk to drink and a moon-cake to eat.  Then let all process in a slow spiral dance, chanting.)

Poem by: Yvonne Bentley Seifert


  1. Wow I wrote that haha, the word sage was added but yup please credit Magickal Moonie on that poem.