Sunday, May 4, 2014

Freyr's and Freya's Day

Calendar of the Sun

Freyr's and Freya's Day - Spring and Summer are their seasons.

freyr is described as being very handsome, powerful, merciful and kind, and is called the 'God of the World'.  As a fertility God of love and pleasure, Freyr was often depicted with an enlarged phallus.  Animals sacred to Freyr include the stag and the boar.  Like these animals, he could be very peaceful and gentle, and also very fierce when provoked.

freyA is the 'wild woman' among the deities of the North: free with her sexual favors; mistress of Odin and several men.  She is also skilled at the shamanic form of ecstatic, consciousness altering magic called seidhr, thus it is of no surprise to find her as the matrons of female magicians.


Colors: Green and Gold
Element: Earth
Altar: Upon cloth of green and gold place gilded sheaves of wheat, gilded and silvered flowers, gilded nuts, sugared fruits, corn dollies and straw Yule ornaments, a chalice of mead and a horn of beer, and figures of Freyr and Freya.
Offerings: Love. Ritual sex is appropriate on this day.
Daily Meal: Vegetarian, with sweets, nuts, fruits and bread.

Invocation to Freyr and Freya

Holy sister and brother,
Lady and Lord of the Vanir,
Golden of hair as the fields of wheat
Who bring riches of heart and hearth
To noble and common folk alike
You are the security wealth can buy
And the happiness it cannot.
Lord Freyr, Corn God
Warrior without a weapon
Who gave his sword for love,
You who make the grain spring forth,
Show us faith in every harvest.
Bless the bonds of those whose love
Binds them to land, to hearth,
To commitment of permanence,
O God whose wedding was cursed and blessed.
Lady Freya, warrior woman,
Chooser of the slain warriors,
Teacher of magic and mysteries,
Mistress of Seidhr and mother of jewels,
Love Goddess and Lady of Springtime,
Flowers scattered in your footsteps,
Unashamed of love and pleasure,
Help us to remember
That there are many kinds of wealth.
Bless us, Freyr and Freya,
Most precious gems of Vanaheim,
With the gold of next year's grain and sun.

(The mead is poured out as a libation for Freya, and the beer for Freyr.)