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Hermod_p182.jpgHermod is son of Odin, he is the swift and sure messenger of the Gods, similar to the Greek God Hermes.  He carries a magical staff called Gambantein.  Hermod is famous for his courage and determination, traits which allow him to act boldly and without the slightest bit of hesitation in carrying out his duties, with resolute firmness even in the face of grave danger, harm or imminent death.

Hermod appears distinctly in section 49 of the Prose Edda book Gylfaginning.  There, it is described that the Gods were speechless and devastated at the death of Baldr, unable to react due to their grief.  After the Gods gathered their wits from the immense shock and grief of Baldr's death, Frigg asked the Aesir who amongst them wished 'to gain all of her love and favor' by riding the road to Hel.  Whoever agreed was to offer Hela a ransom in exchange for Baldr's return to Asgard.  Hermodr agrees to this and set off with Sleipnir to Hel.

When Hermod came upon the gates of Hel, he jumped right over them and entered the great hall of the dead.  There he saw Balder and he begged Goddess Hela to release him because Balder was loved by all so no-one could miss him.  Hela was skeptical and agreed to release Balder on the condition that everything, dead or alive, should weep for Balder.  If only one thing should not cry, then she would keep Balder in the realm of the dead.  Hermod returned to the land of the living and told the Gods what Hela's terms were.  But not everyone wept and therefore Balder had to remain in the underworld until the end of the world.

Hermod made many journeys to the various worlds, often Midgard, the land of men, to deliver messages to mortals and run errands for Odin.  Hermod also stood at Odin’s side at the gates of Valhalla to welcome the dead human heroes brought there from battle by the Valkyries.  While it is quite a shame that more of Hermod's great exploits in his capacity as messenger of the Norse deities are lost or unrecorded, his courage and fleetness of foot remain well known and honored by those who follow the Norse Path.

Hermod probably survived Ragnarok.  He can be prayed to for guidance in finding your Path when all seems dark.  To gain his attention, give him food and drink for his journey.


Hail Hermod, Hel Rider

Hail Sleipnir’s Second Rider

Hail the Honor Hounded Hel Farer


Hail the Bearer of Frigga’s Embassy

Hail the Leaper of Hel’s Gate

Hail the Nine Days Darkness Rider


Hail Hermod, whose task failed through no fault of his own

Hail He who shows us that duties must be taken, even if they fail

Hail Hermod, who shows us that courage and devotion come in many forms

Hail He who shows us that it is the doing that matters most


Hail the Hel-farer, far traveled Hermod

Sleipnir’s bold rider, brave seeker of Balder

Hail Hermod, who took on the dark task

Hermod, Hel Rider; We Honor your Journey and your Gift

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