Sunday, March 24, 2013

Divine Tree

The Norse family could be patriarchal, but Viking women exercised more rights than the women of other European societies of the time.  For example, a wife had a right to share the wealth her husband gained, any Viking woman could own land or other property, a woman could choose to be a warrior over a mother and Viking law permitted married women to divorce anytime she wanted.  And many men died young from disease or war.  Three or more generations of family lived together, including slaves and visitors.  The family tree could get a bit tangled and so did their Divines tree.  Many Gods and Goddess had lovers (human and Divine) and/or multi-marriages. 

I was asked for how some of the Divines relate to each other, but that is not an easy answer.  Basically, there are the Aesir, the Vanir and others.  The others are supernatural beings and Divine that do not really fit into the tree.  Of course, there are many more beings and some many link them in other ways but this can be used as a starting point for your notes. 

Norse God & Goddess

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