Sunday, December 15, 2013

Scandinavian Stars

Scandinavian Stars

by Hyndla Or

“The Tree is topped with a shining symbol, either a representation of the Polar star (Tyr’s Nail) or of the Irminsul (the World axis, appropriate for Yggdrassil)” ~Acorn Hollow Yule

Do you need a star for your tree? Or just need some lovely straw stars for your tree? Keeping with the traditional straw crafts of Scandinavia, the star below is simple enough for kids, yet complex in their lovely design.

1.     Choose straw dependant on the size of the star. Pick 10 of the nicest pieces. Gather in the center with some twine or craft wire. (Illustration 1)

2.     Gather 5 sets of the straw and tie with more twine or craft wire. (Ill. 2)

3.     Above that gathering separate a piece of straw on both sides, and tie the remaining straw sticking up with craft wire. (Ill. 3)

4.     Create the points of the stars by gathering the separated strands of straw from adjacent gathered sets of straw. (Ill. 4)

5.     Use a string to tie on the top and add to your tree! Depending on the size you can use it for the top of your tree. You can embellish it with clear glue and glitter, too!

Merry Yule!


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