Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Ansuz Rune

Ansuz is the conventional name given to the a-rune ᚨ. The name is based on Common Germanic ansuz, a God, one of the main deities in Germanic Paganism, knowledge and Odin.

Vallaha is exceedingly high and precious to men.
With its sturdy ash trunk it offers a stubborn resistance,
though attacked by many a man.

               In Norse mythology, Odin brought down the wisdom of the runes and conveyed their information for the rest of humanity to learn from. Therefore, the Ansuz rune is often regarded as a rune of communication.

               Ansuz is the rune of inspired speech and incantation as a creative expression. Ansuz shows us the power of speech, which passes along knowledge with the breath of life from generation to generation. It is the passing on of knowledge through the spoken word, rather than the written.

               The Ansuz rune tells of increased awareness of what the future holds. Linked to Odin, it is a rune of inspiration, wisdom, aspirations and communication. Promises spiritual renewal and progress, clear vision and good health.


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