Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Berkanan Rune

Berkanan is the name of the b rune , meaning birch, growth and renewal. 

Your green leaves bloom early
giving us knowledge
that Spring has come again.

               Berkana is the rune of the Birch tree and like the young Birch tree, Berkana has the power to be flexible without breaking. In ancient traditions, Birch twigs were used to bring prosperity and to encourage conception. The branches represent fertility. In European folklore and tradition, Birch twigs were fixed above a sweetheart’s door on May Day, and were placed in stables and houses to promote fertility. Young men, women and cattle were struck with Birch twigs for this same purpose, and young boys would be sent out into the fields and around the town, to ‘beat the bounds of the parish’ with branches of Birch to ensure prosperity in the coming year.

               Birca is the patron of mothers, children and women’s mysteries.  It is a soft and maternal rune.  Use it for problems involving children and women, illness and where things need to grow. 

               In Norse mythology, the Berkana rune represents various Goddesses simultaneously, including Freya, Frigg, Hela, Nerthus, Holda and Berchta. This Rune is one of femininity and represents the ability to give birth, to be motherly and nurturing as well as the sexuality of the breasts. Berkana is the rune in which we find the embodiment of feminine energy which resides in both males and females, although the qualities are generally looked for in women. It is the rune of ‘Mother Earth,’ the ‘Great Mother,’ or the ‘Earth Goddess.’

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