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Appeal: Wind, Peace, Fishing, Prosperity, Success, Wisdom, Sea

imagesYVVRVGNJ.jpgNjord is one of the Vanir and the God of seamanship and sailing.  Husband of Nerthus and Skadi and father of Freya and Frey.  He lives in a great undersea kingdom called Noatun (Boat-Town).  He rules the waves, and is similar to Aegir, only Njord is completely benevolent.  Norway is named after him (Njord's + way = Land).

The King of the Vanic Gods, Njord was directly responsible for bringing the primeval war between the Gods to an end and in establishing peace between the two tribes.  Down through the ages, Heathens have remembered him for this monumental feat, and to this day, still call upon him for peace.  Njord has sway over the fertility of the land, success of crops and wealth of men, though his main attribute remains the dominion over the prosperity and blessings gotten from the seas.

The tale in which Njord features most prominently is The Marriage of Njord and Skadi.  Skadi, a giantess, had come to the Aesir seeking restitution for the slaying of her father.  As part of the settlement, they agreed that she could have any of the Gods she desired as her husband.  She chose Njord feet by mistake, thinking him to be Baldur.  Their marriage was short and unpleasant.  Half of their time was spent in Skadi’s home in the snowy mountains, which Njord couldn’t tolerate; the other half was spent in Njord’s home, Noatun, which was located on the beach.  Skadi couldn’t tolerate Njord’s home, either, so the two parted ways.

Njord is said to be a future survivor of Ragnarok in stanza 39 of the Poetic Edda.  Njord will return to Vanaheim.  It may also imply that the Vanir, who didn't take part in the final battle, and Vanaheim, may survive too.

The gulls bring word of you who widely fares
To tell the fishes where to find our net;
They´ve flown from Noatun to claim their shares,
Like you at home both in the dry and wet.

Njordiconurl.jpgWithin your waters play the Sisters Nine
Who bask in rising Sunna´s brilliant blush,
As waves frolick in the golden shine
Until the purple nightfall´s gentle hush.

O tranquil Lord of seven surging seas,
Send wind to fill our sails, and grant us all
To pass to our ports with grace and ease
Over the depths of Ran´s and Aegir´s Hall.

And let us in the midst of storms be stout,
Firm as an anchor in the shifting sands
That change and stay the same, tide in, tide out,
Beneath your briny realm that bounds the lands.

~2009 Michaela Macha

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