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Love of Freyr & Gerd

The Love of Your Life


By Mark Ludwig Stinson.  Freyr is an exceedingly famous God; he decides when the sun shall shine or the rain come down, and along with that the fruitfulness of the Earth, and he is good to invoke for peace and plenty.  He brings about the prosperity of men.  The most extensive surviving Freyr myth relates Freyr's falling in love with the female jotunn (giantess) Gerd.

In the Prose Edda there was a man called Gymir whose wife Aurboda was of the family of cliff giants.  Their daughter is Gerd, who is an exceedingly beautiful woman.  One day when Freyr had gone to Hlidskjalf and was looking out over the whole world, he looked towards the north and saw in one place a large and beautiful dwelling.  To this house went a woman; and, when she raised her arms to open the door, they illuminated the sky and sea, and the whole world grew bright from her.  Freyr immediately falls in love with her and becomes depressed and taciturn.  When he came home, he neither spoke nor slept, nor did he drink anything, and no one dared to address him.

Njord summoned Freyr's chamberlain, Skirnir, and bade him go to Freyr and ask him on whose account he was so angry that he would speak to no one.  Skirnir said that he would go, but he was not eager and he said he expected an unpleasant answer from him.  When he came to Freyr, he asked him why he was so downcast that he would not speak with anyone.  Then Freyr replied, saying that he had seen a beautiful woman and on her account was so distressed that he would not live long if he could not obtain her.  "And now you are to go" (he said), "and woo her for me and bring her here whether her father wishes it or not. I will reward you well for it."


Skírnir answered saying that he would go on that errand but Freyr was to lend him his sword, which was such a good one that it fought by itself, Freyr agreed to that and gave him the sword.  This was the reason why Freyr had no weapon when he fought with Beli but killed him with a hart's horn (male deer antler).

Then Skirnir went and wooed the woman for him.  Gerd rejected the first gifts.  But after a few attempts, he obtained her promise that nine nights later, she would come to a place called Barrey and there marry Freyr.  When, however, Skírnir told Freyr the result of his mission, Freyr said: "One night is long, long is a second, how shall I endure three?  Shorter to me has a month often seemed than this half bridal-eve."  Eventually, she becomes his wife.

Then Gangleri said: 'It is very strange that a chieftain like Freyr should give away a sword and leave himself without as good a one.  It was a very great drawback to him when he fought with the man called Beli.  Upon my word, he would regret his gift on that occasion.'

Then High One answered: 'It was a small affair when he and Beli met.  Freyr could have killed him with his bare hands.  The time will come when Freyr will find it worse to be without a sword - when the sons of Muspell ride out to harry.'


Many scholars interpret the story as a legend about the wooing of the frozen Earth (Gerd) by the warm Sun (Freyr).  However, lacking his sword, Freyr will be killed by the fire jotun Surt during the events of Ragnarok. 

Freya is the Goddess of love, fertility, and battle.  Lofn is the Goddess of forbidden loves.  Sjofn is also a Goddess of love.  Freyr is worshipped as a phallic fertility God and gave up his sword for love.


Most people are looking for Wiccan love spells that will make a very specific person fall in love with them.  This is dangerous, and usually won't work in the long-term anyway.  It will bring you much more heart-ache than it will ease!  But there are ways to bring love into your life and find a great relationship.  Such as a written Love Spell that calls a lover to you who fulfills your specific desires.  Intent, clarity and repetition is key with those.  What you get may not be what you first thought you wanted.  Like money spells, be careful.

Certain plant magic could help such as rose, lavender or cinnamon.  Some of the common talismans & amulets are created for uses such as; luck, love, protection, fertility and more.  But the more love you have inside you, the more love you will attract.  Are you going to the right places to meet your love?  Are you taking care of the loves you have - children, parents?  Do others see you with love?  Do you see yourself with love?  Love takes work, and sometimes sacrifices.  


Give out Love and let it come in!  See Life with Love!  Just something to consider now and again.







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