Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sage God

Many Pagans prefer to use a gender free word such as 'Spirit', but they do have a worship of God.  For me, I use 'Divine Friends'.  To Wiccans, the God is only half of the Divine.  The other half is the Goddess.  And like the Goddess, the God also goes through stages: Warrior, Father and Sage.
The Sage represents discretion and reasoning.  The status of the sage was traditionally achieved in a man's later years and/or when he became a grandfather.  He has gone through a long passage and he no longer has the ego-based needs of recognition through performance and success.  He is free to accomplish and contribute for the sake of beauty and inner purpose.  He advises and loves all his children and will retaliate quickly if they are harmed.  He oversees the underworld, destiny, death, resurrection, and justice. 

The wisdom and understanding that is garnered from a lifetime of experience helps him understand that things always change.  Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse.  Life is a cycle and what he has changed for the better will remain, but a short while. 

Like the Crone, his concerns extend beyond the physical world and involve the process of transformation, assimilation of knowledge, and movement between the various levels of existence.  The sage holds his wisdom in the gentle way that honors all life.

This is man at his wisest and calmest.  Long gone are the days of do first think later that were the keystone to Youth, instead the God has become a thinker, a philosopher, and often a magician.  This is the Grandfather of the World, The Old Man in the Mountain, Owen ap Urien, Horus, Thoth.

The mythological elder God, known as the Holly King, who battles with the Oak King is one version of the sage archetype.  Truthfully, the sage could win this battle with his wits if he so chooses.  Nonetheless, he allows himself to lose so that the Wheel of Life will keep turning. 

Buri is the God formed by the cow Audumla licking the ice which collected within Ginnungagap.  He is the father of Bor, and thus the Grandfather of Odin, Ve and Vili.  Buri is the progenitor of all the Race of Gods.  Buri was formed out of the solidification of primal matter, potential and energy.


Mimir, being a particularly wise deity, was the counselor of the Gods.  He owned a well, the Mimisbrunnr, the water of which granted wisdom and the power to see into the future. Odin sacrificed one of his eyes for a drink from the Mimisbrunnr.


·        Holly, mandrake, pine, juniper, mistletoe, nightshade, nuts, oak, moss, wintergreen, ginseng; also dried or withered plants

·        The hours from sunset to dawn

·        Autumn into winter

·        The waning moon


I, the sage, speaks to you from my soul.  I live the truth, which the warrior conquered.  My power is balanced by my wisdom and love.  I am the alpha and the omega.  Join me.  Together we can know truth!

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