Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sunna's Day

Calendar of the Sun

suna is the Goddess of the sun.  Every day, she rode through the heavens sky on her chariot, radiating the sun's light.  She was chased during the day by Skoll, a wolf that desires to devour her.  Solar eclipses signified Skoll had almost caught up to her.  It is fated that Skoll will eventually catch Sunna and eat her; though she would be replaced by her daughter.  Sunday is named after her.

Day of Sunna

Colors:  Red and gold
Element:  Fire
Altar:  Upon a cloth of red and gold set an image of the Sun in a chariot, nine red and gold candles, an incense brazier, a clay bowl of mead and a bowl of polished colored glass stones.
Offering:  Incense of frankincense and cedar.  Loving and kind act.
Daily Meal:  Lamb or mutton.  Mead.  Orange.

Invocation to Sunna

One day spins to an opening.
You come forth, Great Lady,
With your shrill cry,
Avatar of the sun's light.
You ride on your golden chariot
Across the sky each day,
And look down upon us in all your glory.
Teach us to shine, Great Lady,
And to reflect your light.
One day spins to a close.
You run across the earth each day,
And look down upon us in all your glory.
Teach us to love and light, Great Lady.

(Pass the mead and pour out the rest as a libation.  Put out the candles and go.)

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