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Esbat Waxing Moon

Esbat Waxing Moon


moon140734.jpgApril 13 is the Wax Moon.  The phases of the Moon can be seen to reflect the aspects of the Triple God.  There are Esbat rituals to celebrate the Lunar changes in relation to the God and to utilize the distinctive energy that accompanies each phase.  Most Practitioners are familiar with the Esbats performed at the Full Moon, honoring the God as Warrior and Father, and at the New Moon, honoring the God as Sage and Darkness.

The waxing Moon (first quarter) is the period during which the Moon grows from dark to full.  The Maiden and Warrior are full of fresh energy and are anxious to dance and love throughout the world.  Under this Moon you want to work with building on what you have started under the new Moon - getting money, developing love, or receiving love. The larger the Moon gets, the more powerfully you will feel the Gods energy.

The Frog Moon of April.  Frogs transform from tadpoles into their adult form and this symbolizes the awakening of one's creativity.  If your planting a magical garden, you want to get out there and put things into the Earth.  Plan a ritual to physically plant your seeds of desire in Mother Earth.

Set up your outdoor alter and ring the bell three times.  Open saying,

'Wondrous Lord of the Moon
You who greets the dusk with silvered kisses;
Mister of the night and of all magick,
Who rides the clouds in blackened skies?
And spills light upon the cold Earth;
O Lunar God,
Shadow maker and shadow breaker;
Revealer of mysteries past and present;
Puller of seas and ruler of all;
All-wise Lunar Father,
I greet Your celestial jewel
At the waxing of its powers
With a rite in Your honor.
I pray by the Moon,
I pray by the Moon,
I pray by the Moon.'


Repeat the last line "I pray by the Moon" for as long as you will.  Imagine the Moon God in all his splendor as his light grows, as your love grows or as life grows greener and warmer.  Close by ringing the bell three times. 

Some people have preferences of which moon cycle they like best so experiment to find out which ones you like best.





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