Saturday, December 26, 2015

Fidelity  Yulmonath 26th
Seventh night of Yule
Sacred to Thor and Children faced with the unpredictable powers of darkness and the Underworld, people in Heathen times would need assistance.  No matter how hard they tried to placate the kindred of Night and Death, they could often only hope for divine protection, and in that regard, the God Thor was the great protector.  The one God whose main mission was to protect his mother Earth and the Middle World from the powers of darkness and destruction, and the only one who had the strength and the courage to stand up to the lady of Death.  Thor and Sif, his wife, are also important this time of the year because they was looked at as the protectors of Children.


On this day we remind ourselves of the virtue of Fidelity.  The faithfulness to a person, cause, or belief, demonstrated by continuing loyalty and support.  Synonyms: loyalty, allegiance, obedience.

Nothing is more noble, nothing more venerable than fidelity.  Faithfulness and truth are the most sacred excellences and endowments of the human mind. ~ Marcus Tullius Cicero

In the recent world, a dog is a beloved human companion and friend because of its fidelity, loyalty, and affection.  Fidelity is a virtue closely allied to truthfulness.  Its function is to incline a person to the fulfillment of his promises.  Truthfulness inclines one to conform his speech to the judgment of his mind, while fidelity disposes him to conform his deeds to his promises and vows.

Fidelity is the virtue of consistency.  It is the basis for reliable thought, reason, morality, trust, and loyalty.  It allows us to predict future behavior based the history of past behavior.  Fidelity is most valuable when it is applied to the most worthy ideas, deeds, principles, or affiliations.

handfast8c70e8218ar.jpgFidelity is just a big word for being faithful or loyal to a person, to a group of people, or to an idea.  For example, if your friend is being teased by others in a way that makes him or her feel bad, fidelity is standing by your friend, defending your friend, and refusing to join in the teasing, no matter what.  If you believe that it's important to tell the truth, you practice fidelity by never telling a lie.

Obeying the laws of your community is one way to practice fidelity.  If someone in your family is in trouble, you try to help them if you can, even if you don't agree with what got them in trouble.  However, fidelity does not include doing something you believe is wrong to give them that help.

The important part of practicing fidelity is to be careful about who you give your loyalty to.  If you belong to a group that thinks it's "cool" to use drugs or to lie to their parents, your being faithful to the group could also mean breaking the law or behaving dishonorably.  If a group you belong to does not support your doing what's right, you need to withdraw your loyalty and get out of the group.  That's part of practicing fidelity also, being faithful to your own ethics.

Keep your promises.  Be consistent.  Act reliably.  Be trustworthy.

Glad Yuletide to Everyone.  Hail!






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