Tuesday, December 29, 2015


http://zerovu.files.wordpress.com/2011/01/number10.jpg   Yulmonath 29th
Tenth night of Yule
Sacred to Sunna and Light
https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/72/06/c5/7206c54f83e99de75cb4da926d1aca40.jpgIt is often thought that the Sun Goddess lost importance in the religious cult of the Vikings compared to earlier times, yet a lot of her essential characteristics survived in many Goddesses; such as in Freya's golden eyes.  We may also see a memory of the Sun Goddess in Síf´s hair of gold, and we may see the Sun in Frey´s wife Gerd´s bright arms.  And not the least in the way the Valkyries are described as lightening, and the way their heat create the honey-dew that falls into the valleys.
On this day we remind ourselves of the idea of Justice.  In its broadest context, includes both the attainment of that which is just and the philosophical discussion of that which is just.  A concern for justice, peace, and genuine respect for people.  Synonyms: fairness, impartiality, morals.
“Justice, equity, and compassion in human relations points us toward something beyond inherent worth and dignity.  It points us to the larger community. ~ Rev. Emily Gage
When we speak of justice as a virtue, we are usually referring to a trait of individuals, even if we conceive the justice of individuals as having some grounding reference to social justice.  
However, even the idea of individual justice seems ambiguous in regard to scope.  Plato in the Republic treats justice as an overarching virtue of individuals (and of societies), meaning that almost every issue he (or we) would regard as ethical comes in under the notion of justice (dikaosoune).
But in modern usages justice covers only part of individual morality, and we don't readily think of someone as unjust if they lie or neglect their children - other epithets more readily spring to mind.  What individual justice most naturally refers to are moral issues having to do with goods or property.  It is, we say, unjust for someone to steal from people or not to give them what he owes them, and it is also unjust if someone called upon to distribute something good (or bad or both) among members of a group uses an arbitrary or unjustified basis for making the distribution.
http://ashaasiewkumar.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/ashaa_blog_banner_virtue_8.jpgMan is a social animal.  Every day we interact with people in different capacities and relationships. In order to ensure that these interactions go smoothly, human beings have developed rights and obligations that each individual and community must recognize.  The virtue of justice guides humans in their quest to respect these boundaries and responsibilities.
To be a just man you must develop knowledge of the rights and responsibilities that govern your family, community, and nation.  Apathy is perhaps the greatest impediment to justice.  There are many unjust things happening in your community, state, nation, and world that fail to produce righteous indignation because men do not care to educate themselves about what is happening.
The bull is a symbol of justice and order.  Justice reminds us that treating people as human beings is not simply something we do one-on-one, but something that has systemic implications and can inform our entire cultural way of being.  We can demonstrate openness, give people respect, and treat people with kindness on our own.  We need one another to achieve equity and justice.
Glad Yuletide to Everyone.  Hail!


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