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Esbat Waxing Moon

Esbat Waxing Moon


moonwaxdfds.pngMarch 15 is the Wax Moon.  The phases of the Moon can be seen to reflect the aspects of the Triple God.  There are Esbat rituals to celebrate the Lunar changes in relation to the God and to utilize the distinctive energy that accompanies each phase.  Most Practitioners are familiar with the Esbats performed at the Full Moon, honoring the God as Warrior and Father, and at the New Moon, honoring the God as Sage and Darkness.

The Moon is the only natural satellite of the Earth and the fifth largest Moon in the Solar System.  The Moon is in synchronous rotation with Earth, always showing the same face with its near side marked by dark volcanic that fill between the bright ancient crustal highlands and the prominent impact craters.  It is the most luminous object in the sky after the Sun. 

moon waxing-cresc.jpgThe waxing Moon (first quarter) is the period during which the Moon grows from dark to full.  This is a time for attraction magic, anything with which you wish to gain; money, relationships, etc.  During this time, we recognize the God as the young Warrior who searches for a partner with which he can become a new Father.  The Maiden and Warrior are full of fresh energy and are anxious to dance and love throughout the world.  The Warrior is essential to the continuation of all life; his color is white, denoting innocence and newness.

Storm Moon of March.  The last of winter's harsh storms pass.  Nature begins to stir and awaken from the long sleep.  Hope and promise arise as the sun rises earlier and longer.  Plan a ritual to help fulfill your wishes is appropriate.  Candle color for this Moon is blue, symbolic of the warming of the ice, yet still very cold.

Set up your outdoor alter with Spring items and incense of jasmine or other flowers.  Open saying,

"I stand between the Dark Moon and the Full Moon.

The Lord is the Warrior, the Lady is a Maiden.

I stand in a time of youth. A time of new beginnings.

A time of growth.. a time to begin new Ideas, a time to Build"


On paper write what areas of your life need strengthening and what projects you are starting with the waxing moon.  When you are done fold them and place them in the caldron or other burning bowl.  As the paper burns say,


"Divine Spirit of the universe, Gods, and friends...

you know what areas in our lives need strengthening and which

new tasks we have started that require help. We send them to

you in the smoke that you may help us to obtain what we need

to strengthen ourselves and succeed in our goal. Aid us as we

take the action needed to continue to grow and prosper in life

and out tasks. We ask this be within the will of the universe.

So Mote it be"


Close with meditation. 


Some people have preferences of which moon cycle they like best so experiment to find out which ones you like best.





























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