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Like the Goddess, the God also goes through stages: Warrior, Father and Sage.  The Warrior represents youth and vigor, hope and vitality, and the thrill of the hunt.  During this time, we recognize the God as the young Warrior, who searches for a partner with which he can become a new father.  The Warrior phase usually begins at puberty and can extend physiologically into adulthood.  Historically, the Warrior was considered to be the son until he left the home and could stand on his own.  And this is just a snippet of what can be found in, 'Who Are Your Divine Friends?'
warrior766231.jpgThe Havamal says plenty about the importance of the Warrior.  It’s easy to romanticize the past and imagine a simpler time where honorable combat could settle complicated disputes.  Homes guarded by Warriors carrying torches and swords.  Young men were bragging and boasting over mead.  But in reality the peacemaker was often more highly valued than the fighter.  A Warrior is someone who defends those he loves and tries not to raise his sword out of anger.
The Horned God that Witches honor also symbolizes this facet of the Divine Masculine.  His wildness, sensuality, and passion make him brashly attractive.  Even today people use the term 'I'm horny' to describe the desire for sex.  Being horny is the spirit of the Horned God upon you.
This Deity expresses the connection to nature as well, and to all the primal magic therein.  Life will open up before them and bow down in their wake.  They are the soldiers of destiny that will hold the previous generations accountable for their misdeeds.  He is often seen in a constant battle with the forces of darkness and evil.  He is the God of the police officer, the military, security guards and those who protect.  His energy teaches us the importance of responsibility and self-respect.
Gods of my Life

Gods of my life, my greetings to you
Gods of my people, my praise to you
Gods of my heart, my thanks to you
Gods of my soul, my hail to you.

Frey, give us frith and a good year
Thor, protect us, always be near
Njord of the sea-shore, grant us wealth
Eir of the healing hands, give us health

Odin, teach us ecstasy´s ways
Freya, give passion to our days
Frigga of home, and Sif of grain
Gods of my life, my greetings again

Gods of our ancestors, to you we call
Gods of our families, bless us all
Hear us singing as we stand true
Aesir and Vanir, our hail to you.

~ Michaela Macha

Thunder echoes around me
Flashes of lightning illuminate the sky
I hear your battle in the air, I see
Amongst the clouds where you can fly
It inspires me to laughter
Tossing back my head and yelling at the stars
Reveling in the cry of the gods' daughter
For Thor was disguised and hidden at the bar
Echoes surround me and I believe again
A moment sundered from Midgard to Asgard
Flying on the haft of Mjollnir so thin
Back to the gods sight and grace, a moment a bard
~ Hithrael
I, the warrior, speaks to you from my Spirit.  I hold the sword of truth and wear the crown of courage.  I fight the dragons of the world and within myself to find the treasures of life.  Join me.  Together we will conquer fear!

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