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Father God represents security, wisdom, devotion, Spirit and growth.  It is the time when men are taking on the responsibilities of adulthood.  He is usually mated, virile and productive.  He is the God of the hunter, farmer, and worker.  In life events such as marriage, parenthood, and accelerated career development that can complicate friendships in the transition.  His recorded history is the oldest known.  You can see his picture in Neolithic cave paintings in France dating to 45,000 B.C.  He is sensual and passionate, embracing pleasure both for himself and his partner.  They are gathering experiences and gaining wisdom from the lessons of life.

Historically, a man entered the Father phase when he had a child, became a leader in the community, or gave birth to new concepts or ideas.  This aspect of the Divine Masculine represents strength, power, authority, leadership ability, protection, responsibility, and courage.  He is the energy of summer through the harvest season.  And he is viewed as a warrior king in some cultures or the wise ruler in others.  He is the God of the king, president, business owner, chief and those who lead.

And this is just a snippet of what can be found in, 'Who Are Your Divine Friends?'.



Weapons swelled the wound-tide full;
That sea of blood now soaks the earth,
And ravens feast on flotsam red
The wrack and wreckage of men.

Fading sight with shadow fills;
A grey horse glides through twilight´s gate:
The age-old drumbeat of eight-fold hoofsteps
Echoes around the strand.

In Wodan´s hall the wolves grow restive-
They prowl, and pace, and prick their ears-
The horns are filled, the feast is laid-
Still they watch and wait-

´Til a flash of grey in the fields is glimpsed,
And a stallion´s whinney rattles the walls,
and eight-fold hoofsteps, hastening onward,
Carry the hero home.

~ Ann Groa Sheffield      



I am called Sky-Cloaked Wanderer
One-eyed lord of runic lore
Bolverk 'mongst the etins
And Herjan, (God of War),
Vak, (the ever-wakeful),
Gagnrath to Vafthruthnir,
Fjolnir, (the concealer),
Hnikuth thrusts the spear...

On Yggdrasil hung I, forsooth,
In search of wisdom, vision, truth,
Hungry, thirsty, pierced by spear,
Seconds days and days like years,
Nine nights long I hung and bled,
Not quite alive nor yet quite dead,
Mysteries revealed to me,
Entrusted to Fimbultyr...

Grimnir called and oft times Har,
Baleyg, (the Fiery-Eyed),
Sigfather, (the Victory God),
By warriors slain, with pride,
I walk all realms of consciousness,
Quest without an end,
Call me what seems right to you,
But ever call me friend.... 

~ Johnny Whitebread


Allfather’s Song

Ten-legged and three-eyed,
Two armed, like wind he flies.
Wings before and wings behind,
Know him now and wisdom find

Hail Odin, first of gods!
Rune master, battle lord!
Grant we may the future see,
Bring to us the victory.

Full nine nights and nine days,
Self to self, a price he pays!
Staves of naming, staves of power,
Such he mastered from that hour

Gungnir’s master, Ymir’s bane,
In his hall he feasts the slain.
Victory-bringer, Gallows-lord,
With his kin he made the world!

Seeking knowledge, suffered pain,
An eye he lost but knowledge gained.
Walks middle-earth in grim disguise,
In riddle play confounds the wise.

Grim of feature, seeing all,
At Ragnarok he’s doomed to fall.
To the Fenris wolf unbound,
With his heroes all around.

~ Teri Wachowiak


My Father

My Father, who art in Valhalla,
Hallowed be thy names.
Thy kingdoms won, till Ragnarok come,
thy wills be done in the nine realms
as it is within the Warrior's Hall.
Lead me not into shame
but let the Valkyries deliver me to the front lines.
Give me this day my Viking's breath.
Forgive me my sins,
as I forgive those who sin against me.
In the name of Odin's Gungnir,
Thor's Mjolnir,
and Heimdall's Hofud.

~ Eddie-David Berrier


Lo, There Do I See My Father

Lo, there do I see my father,
Lo, there do I see my mother,
Lo, there do I see my brothers, and
my sisters, and all of my friends!

Lo, they do call to me,
Lo, they do bid me take
My place among them now.

1. I go to dwell in Valhalla,
In Folkwang and Fensalir,
My new home is in Asgard,
And all my Gods are near.


2. I sit beside my Ancestors,
In Hel may I be found.
I travel through the Nine Worlds,
I watch you from the mound.


3. Wassail to you who came here
To say farewell to me!
The Gods may keep you well, and
We´ll meet beyond the Tree.


~ Michaela Macha


Father's Day is a celebration honoring fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in society.  Many countries celebrate it on the third Sunday of June though it is also celebrated widely on other days.  Typically, families gather to celebrate the father figures in their lives. 

He is the Green Man, the Sun God, Lord of the Hunt or the Oak King.  The God becomes an adult.  He takes a wife.  He grows up and sheds a good portion of his youthful way.  He teaches us the importance of responsibility and self-respect.  His arrogance is honed into self-confidence, and he becomes what he was meant to be.  Lead like the Father.  The face of the Lord is in the face of every man, and each of them has a different craft.  Bel, Apollo, Odin, Kai, Hymen, and many others - it is in this aspect that the Lord is worshiped most.




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