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Jord is the great Goddess of the wild, primitive and uncivilized areas on Earth.  Fjorgyn, Erda and Hlodyn are considered to be other names for Jord.  Jord is the mother of Thor who was fathered by Odin. Identified as a giantess, she is often referred to in poetry as "Odin's bride".  The traces that have survived of the worship of the personified Earth herself show that she was honored by the Germanic people, though not active in many tales.

Jord is the daughter of Nott, Goddess of the night.  She lives in the area of Jotunheim that is the most fertile and her very touch causes trees to fruit and seeds to sprout.  Jord is the Goddess of all the places there are not under any human control, the Goddess of the mountains, fields, trees, rocks, meadows and other lands with a pure wild spirit.  She reigns over all the uncivilized places. 

And this is just a snippet of what can be found in, 'Who Are Your Divine Friends?'.



Altar: upon cloth of the colors of the Earth place the figure of a pregnant woman, and also the figure of a woman made from the branches of trees, wearing a dress, and a chalice of mead

Color: green

Offerings: clean some small part of the Earth

Pronunciation: 'Yord'


Earth Beneath Us

Bring down my roots, Lady,
Draw me down into your center,
Where the flame still burns.
Earth is a great rock pastry
With a flame at its heart,
Rolled in blue waters,
Wrapped in a dusting of air.

So I saw you, as a child,
But now I see you as a great Mind
Working on a level so subtle
As to elude all our understanding.
You know more than they give
Credit for, when the speculate.
You feel every one of our footsteps
As we make our tiny way
Across your infinite horizons.
~ Fara Dane



Nothing is wasted on me -
I give, and receive, and recycle.
Even you.
Hills and barrows, my breasts
From which volvas rise,
Breaking my skin
To talk to those still above.

Foolish though you are,
I am fond of you all;
You are me, in a way, after all.
I loathe to let my children leave -
The pull of my gravity, motherly strings.
And when you feel proud
As you travel to Mani
Remember this:
He, too, revolves around me.

~ Michaela Macha


Hail to Jord

Hail to Jord, hallowed Earth Goddess,
Many-hued dis, mother of Thor:
We greet your awakening, your wondrous bright visage
Your nurturing power, providing us life.

Daughter of Night, we now in our gathering
Honor your bounty, and offer our strength
To help your famed son, shielder of Midgard
Protect you from harm, most holy bright Earth.

~ Patrick Covington


Invocation to Jord

Hail, Lady of the Dark Earth,
Fertile mother of the thunder,
Fertile mother of queens,
Fertile mother of many,
We reach out to you each spring
As the green begins its onslaught,
Wishing, asking for your blessing
On these our flocks and fields and lands.
May your touch bring new growth to our lives
As your touch makes the seeds to sprout.
May your touch nurture us into the future
As it has nurtured so many children.
Daughter of the night sky,
Dark as the turned earth;
Daughter of the deep well,
Reflecting stars in its depths,
Your thighs spill forth bounty
From between their dark cleft
Across the yearning land.

~ Order of the Horae


Jord's rule is of ecology.  Living lightly and reverently on the land.  Her friendship can be respected by giving aid to an organization that protects wildlife or cleaning up a wild place.  She can be called upon for many great feats pertaining to the powers of the Earth, from simple spiritual nurturing, fertility rites, manipulating the weather or healing the sick or wounded animals.  To help the safety of wild nature and to restore order to places that were severely damaged by humans.  But she can be a fastidious and wild giantess, so call carefully.

Today, in Marvel, Jord is called Gaea.  She mated with Odin in a cave and gave birth to Thor.  She is one of the elder Gods.  The elder Gods all turned demonic except for Gaea.  She protected Earth.






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