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Njord (Njördhr, Norþaz, Nirdu):  God of the Oceans and Rivers and Lord of Abundance and Material well-being, and is King among the Vanir. Married to the giantess Skadi, he begat two children: a son, Freyr, and a daughter, Freya. Njord was directly responsible for bringing the primeval war between the Gods to an end, and in establishing peace between the two tribes. Down through the ages, Heathens have remembered him for this monumental feat, and to this day, still call upon him for peace. Norway is named after him (Nojord's way).

In one record, it is written that the fire was in the middle of the floor of the temple, and over it hung the kettles, while the full goblets were handed across the fire.  And he who made the feast, and was the chief, blessed the full goblets and all the meat of the sacrifice.  First Odin's goblet was emptied for victory and power to his king; after that, Njord's and Freyr's goblets for peace and a good season.

And this is just a snippet of what can be found in, 'Who Are Your Divine Friends?'.



Altar: upon cloth set a Scandinavian ship, a net, a basket of fish-shaped cakes, and a metal tankard of mead

Color: sea-blue, blue-green

Day: Thursday

Incense: cedar, vervain

Offerings: give aid to a sailor, the House should together send a package to one who sails the seas and has need of support

Plant: avens, ferns, oak, oak moss, polypody, verbena, seaweed

Pronunciation: 'N-yoard' (Njord)

Rulership: fishing, guarantees oaths, lands, prosperity, sailors, success, wind, wisdom

Runes: Fehu, Ehwaz, Laguz, Mannaz, Othala

Stone: amethyst, aquamarine, tin, turquoise

Symbol: fish, sea, peace, ships, water


Ship Herd

The gulls bring word of you who widely fares
To tell the fishes where to find our net;
They´ve flown from Noatun to claim their shares,
Like you at home both in the dry and wet.

Within your waters play the Sisters Nine
Who bask in rising Sunna´s brilliant blush,
As waves frolick in the golden shine
Until the purple nightfall´s gentle hush.

O tranquil Lord of seven surging seas,
Send wind to fill our sails, and grant us all
To pass to our ports with grace and ease
Over the depths of Ran´s and Aegir´s Hall.

And let us in the midst of storms be stout,
Firm as an anchor in the shifting sands
That change and stay the same, tide in, tide out,
Beneath your briny realm that bounds the lands.

~ Michaela Macha


Prayer to Njord

Hail to Njord, Master of Ships!
Hail to Njord, Lord of Vanaheim!
Hail to Njord, loving Husband!
Hail to Njord, devoted Father!
God of temperance and even-handed care,
Who nourishes all within His hall,
Nourish our hearts, and minds and spirits,
That we may love You better and more deeply,
As the ocean loves the sand
And the sand hungers for the tide.

~ Galina Krasskova


Vanic Invocation

Hail, gods of the Vanir
O gods of the folk, my hail

Hail, wise and beautiful Njord
And hail Frey and Freyja
Your son and daughter, proud beside you

God of the fertile season! Hail Frey!
Goddess of the fruitful Earth! Hail Freyja!
God of the rich and abundant seas! Hail Njord!

Truce bearers, peace makers,
Honored guests in Asgard's rich halls,
Be welcomed now in this my holy, humble stead
Join me now before this harrow
My gifts to relish, my troth to hear.

~ Boar´s Heart


Poem for Njord

Flowing locks of murky sage
Glittering teal entwined
Whipping winds of mighty breath
The sun your eye to see

In midst of tumult
A center is still
The holy calm of deep seas
And birds carry your message

Out from shore a sign beheld
Elhaz reach out to the heavens
Serene Van, prosperity's warden
I hear your call and heed.

~ Robert Shawn Rowland


The waters of life run through our bodies in our blood, which is as salty as the oceans.  To the ancient Norse, water of all kinds including the ocean, lakes, streams, and rivers were considered a source of wealth and fertility.  The Aegir Gods and Goddesses of the sea both gave and took life - and offered prosperity and fruitfulness. 

His friendship can be gained by doing a favor for a sailor or by aiding in the protection of the ocean.  Njord is said to be a future survivor of Ragnarok in the Poetic Edda.  Njord will return to Vanaheim.  It may also imply that the Vanir of Vanaheim may survive too.

Today, Njord has been the subject of scholarly discussion, often connecting him with Goddess Nerthus, and hero Hadingus.  He is also is one of the incarnated Gods in the New Zealand comedy "The Almighty Johnsons".  And in numerous artistic depictions including Njörd's desire of the Sea and Skade und Niurd. 

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