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The Sage represents discretion and reasoning.  The status of the sage was traditionally achieved in a man's later years and/or when he became a grandfather.  He has gone through a long passage and he no longer has the ego-based needs of recognition through performance and success.  He is free to accomplish and contribute for the sake of beauty and inner purpose.  He advises and loves all his children and will retaliate quickly if they are harmed.  He oversees the underworld, destiny, death, resurrection, and justice. 

The elder is the creative inventor and problem solver.  He takes on intellectual challenges, asks lots of questions, and becomes analytical in his dealings with others.  The elder can also be a bit manipulative because he’s smart - he’ll sometimes deliberately ask a question knowing the answer, as a sort of test.

Like the Crone, his concerns extend beyond the physical world and involve the process of transformation, assimilation of knowledge, and movement between the various levels of existence.  The sage holds his wisdom in the gentle way that honors all life.

And this is just a snippet of what can be found in, 'Who Are Your Divine Friends?'.




~ Michaela Macha


Blue Eye Shine

Allfather’s eye in Uncle’s well.
Brilliant blue - the Old Man’s pledging.
Drinks the jotun of this ransom,
As dawning Sunna glancing glances.
Rays of brilliance bend through water.
Flashing fire golden glinting.
To the depths, the hidden depths,
Seeks reflection deep submerged.
Scooped the vision of His seeing,
Watery the line of sight.
Old god from younger’s pledge is drinking,
Reflected bright by Sunna light.
Ocular insert, wisdom’s seeming.
Seeming, gleaming, glint to know.
Swiftly flying Sunna shining,
Shining rays into below.
Iris blue regarding outward,
In reflection ray doth show.
Well for thinking.
Horn for drinking.
Eye reflecting, shine directing.
Mimir’s water Wisdom’s letting.
Inspiration, memories racing,
Deepest thoughts are chasing chasing.
In the well all things are altered.
Seeing seeming things sublime.
And in the well His eye is gleaming.
Gleaming, seeming, biding time.

~ Jackie Rae Hannigan



My dearest Elders, I thank ye for the gift,
For your blessed presence in my heart.
May between us there never be a rift.

And may our troth wax so strong we ne'er part.
Ye fill my soul like warm summer rain
As I see lightning sent by Thor in goat-pulled cart.
And Freyr has charmed the growing grain

While Matronae this land do walk
And the youngling pig for feast is slain.
I lift a horn and make solemn vow
To you who are so much more than men,
And ponder on Audhumla, the sacred cow.

~ Crowfuzz


Drum Prayer to the Ancestors

You rise in my blood
The pounding drum
Life shares life

You cry in my throat
The wordless song
Voice raising voice

You walk in my feet
The endless trek
Stride matching stride

You grasp in my hands
The ever-present work
Grip linking grip

You echo inside
The shuddering beat
Soul stirs soul

~ Sarenth Odinsson


This is man at his wisest and calmest.  Long gone are the days of do first think later that were the keystone to Youth, instead the God has become a thinker, a philosopher, and often a magician.  This is the Grandfather of the World, The Old Man in the Mountain, Owen ap Urien, Horus, Thoth.

The mythological elder God, known as the Holly King, who battles with the Oak King is one version of the sage archetype.  Truthfully, the sage could win this battle with his wits if he so chooses.  Nonetheless, he allows himself to lose so that the Wheel of Life will keep turning. 

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