Saturday, February 8, 2014

Isaz Rune

Isaz is the name of the i-rune , meaning ice, lack of motion, blockage. Skaldi.

Ice is very cold and immeasurably slippery;
it glistens as clear as glass and most like to gems;
it is a floor wrought by the frost, fair to look upon.

Isa represents perfect order and the lack of chaotic elements. Isa, in relation to ‘ice’, shows its ability to give what appears to be permanence to all things and is believed to be very powerful. Ice represents being ‘frozen’ in time or place.

In Ancient times, ice was a constant factor in the day to day lives of the Norse. It threatened their crops, their ships and their livelihoods, almost throughout the entire year. To the people though, it also served as a symbol of creation from which all life eventually springs forth.

The Norse understood the need to have such a seemingly destructive element in order to create and maintain life. In opposition to ‘ice’ is ‘fire’.

Ice can bring things to a halt, or place something in suspension. Ice can also be an expansive force, or one that crushes anything caught in its grasp. Ice can provide a bridge over dark Water, or be a dangerous and treacherous trap. It has both the powers of control and of constraint. Either way, it is to be used cautiously. In its melted form, it brings Water, nourishment and life .

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