Thursday, February 13, 2014

Pertho Rune

ᛈ is the rune denoting the sound p in the runic alphabet, feminine or hidden talents, in the rune poem named peord.  Frigg.

Peorth is a source of recreation and amusement to the great,
where warriors sit cheerfully together in the banqueting-hall.

Pertho represents mandatory changes brought about by external forces. Pertho is the width measurement of life. It indicates not how long you live your life, but how well you live it.

The Pertho rune’s basic symbology is that of a vessel or cup, nurturing and giving birth, keeping secret and hidden all those mysteries that can only be uncovered after the initiation of death, to rebirth. In this way, it is also associated with the womb, uterus or vulva as symbology for holding and containing life until birth. It is a rune of the feminine and is pertaining to female matters including fertility and birth.

Throughout life, the games we play, both as children and adults, can be high-staked risks or games just for fun. As with all games, we experience them and learn from them. Pertho is the experiences dealt in the ‘game of life’. Through winning and losing throughout life, we gain experience. With this we learn lessons and gain wisdom. Pertho is therefore, a rune of self-awareness.

Pertho is a rune that says that deep transformative powers are at work. It is the rune of ‘what has yet to be revealed.’ It is the rune of taking chances. It can indicated mystery and secrecy.


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