Thursday, February 13, 2014

Naudiz Rune

Naudiz is the name of the n-rune ᚾ, meaning need, distress, fears, guilt.

Trouble is oppressive to the heart;
yet often it proves a source of help and salvation
to the children of men, to everyone who heeds it.

This rune represents ‘need’ in all its forms, from the need for food and shelter, to the need of personal fulfillment. ‘Need creates invention’. When you are in need and are aware and understand those needs, you are able to find a way to fulfill those needs.

The outcome of obtaining your need depends upon your actions or lack thereof, to obtain them. Nauthiz is a signpost for the future, which lets us know what will happen based upon on our ignoring or acting upon our specific need. It represents an imbalance between what one ‘needs’ and what one ‘has.’ The acknowledgment of this imbalance can be illuminating, as it causes one to closely examine, then reassess priorities and values. This brings motivation to step back onto the right spiritual path, knowing that when we act and live by what makes us most happy and fulfilled, we are living our true selves.

Nauthiz represents needs that can be met by reacting positively to deprivation, Nauthiz says that conflict can be overcome by willpower, that delays and restrictions need to be endured and fears need to be faced.

Nauthiz forces one to come to terms with and acknowledge this dissatisfaction; then use it as motivation for change.  If you want something different, do different things.


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