Saturday, February 15, 2014

Yr Rune

Yr for y (bow).  y


I fly straight as an arrow
to my destination.


Yr is the rune which relates to a yew bow, though it can be expanded to encompass all weaponry.  Yr symbolizes the perfect combination of skills and knowledge applied to materials taken from nature. This rune lets us know when we are in the “right spot” for a situation, and is good to use when looking for lost objects.

Weaponry displays strength, status and skill, the latter not just through its use but it’s craftsmanship. A finely crafted weapons stands out as a symbol of pride, attention, skill, care and magic, the bringing together of raw elements such as Iron ore, wood and leather to create something suitable for a leader who has braved the wrath of his or her enemies.

Of course most weapons have both a ceremonial use and a practical use beyond warfare, and the best example of this is Mjolnir, Thor’s hammer, it is a weapon of war against the giants and Eotens, it is a tool to build homes and fortifications, and it is a ceremonial tool for blessings and marriages. To bring all these things together in one tool shows great skill, however this skill must be proven, it is easy for a carpenter to wield a hammer in his woodwork, but maybe not easy for them to do so in ceremony or battle. It is easy for a warrior to smash his foes with an axe, but maybe not so easy for him to fell a tree properly. True skill lies in blending all the elements together.

Yr then, is a rune of perfection, the culmination of all one has learned over one’s journey, a symbol of skill and the proof and testing of that skill.



  1. Yr doesn't mean death?

    1. Hail! Well, good question. Through out the centuries, depending on the country, some terms do get mixed up. Many terms are so similar that it can be hard to get some apart in the records. Weapons can lead to death but there are other death runes. Yr is more the rune of the Archer. To draw Yr is to bring that focus into your life, whether it is to create or to destroy. It may be that someone has been scattered long enough, says the Yr; it is now time to discipline your awareness.

      Algiz rune flipped can be the entrance to the underworld and in this form is a death rune. I have seen this flipped rune called Yr, but I've always called Yr rune different from a flipped Algiz rune. In that flipped form it is also connected with yew tree; just like the yr yew bow or eihwaz yew tree. The yew tree is a powerful stave of protection and banishing, not only because of its association with the forces of life and death, but because of its association with the bow and arrow made of yew wood, which was common to the folk of the Norse.

      There is also the Ear rune. Ear symbolizes the grave that we will all return to, the dust our bodies become after death. Ear is a simple rune to understand, and is useful for putting things to rest, ending bad relationships, cutting ties, ending patterns and accepting that inevitably, everything comes to an end.

      Or even the Iar rune. Like the serpent that it symbolizes, it entwines itself around life, causing change by bringing death and subsequently allowing new life to begin. It also signifies the unavoidable hardships in life that we can do nothing about, but should still not worry about.

      Death was common for the ancestors so it can be found in many places. Good catch on the terms. Blessed Be!

      Be happy in life.
      Bring happiness to your friends
      and relations.
      Yet be aware that death is always waiting.

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