Saturday, February 15, 2014

Stan Rune

Stan for st (stone). 
From the outside the stone is a riddle, even though a cow steps on it.  But when two stones are rubbed, sparks fly out.  Perhaps there is a moon shining from somewhere or perhaps it is just cool and quiet.

Stan represents a stone. Whilst this can be taken to represent a blockage in one’s path, it is more that this represents the Ethel stone raised in memoriam of a land owner and in acknowledgement of the new owner. In this it is a record of one’s great deeds, a mark of one’s strength, skill, achievements. A rune which represents be able to confidently boast about what you have done that it may forever be remembered.

Stan represents an obstruction in our path, like a boulder at the entrance to a cave. It also represents the stone playing pieces used in board games. Symbolically, it represents a link between heavenly bodies and earthly beings. This rune can be used to obstruct and turn back any opposition in our lives.

Stan is a rune to use when you have achieved much and wish to make your mark more permanent, it is a good rune to use on one’s CV or resume when proving that one is employable, though I’d make it invisible to avoid awkward questions.


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