Saturday, February 8, 2014

Kenaz Rune

The k-rune ᚲis called Kenaz (light, opportunities, creativity), based on its Anglo-Saxon name.  As in modern day, c, k and similar sounds vary in use depending on word use.

The torch is known to every living man
by its pale, bright flame; it always burns
where warriors sit within.

In today’s English, Scottish and German languages, ‘ken’ and ‘kennan’ means to ‘know’ or ‘understand’, and it is in this sense that the Kenaz rune can be interpreted. Light, inspiration and knowledge are often associated with this rune, as in ‘shedding light on a problem’, or ‘ gaining enlightenment’. It is also associated with ‘kin’, as in ‘kith and kin’, who gather around the hearth.

Kenaz is the flame of transformation and regeneration. It is the flame of the forge, the volcano and deep Earth energies. It is the controlled flame of the artist and craftsman. It holds the power to create or destroy. It is the primal force of creation. In Norse and other mythologies, it is the Fire and ice that produce the life force.

The act of bringing ‘light’ into ‘darkness’ is a creative one. It indicates knowledge passed on and can also ‘light the way’ for others or for personal, inner explorations.  Kenaz promises that light will be cast into the dark places, bringing regeneration in its glow. It promises the ability to create new realities that bring with them hope and invigorating strength.  Kenaz can be used as a weapon to get rid of unwanted influences, to light the path.

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