Saturday, February 15, 2014

Raido Rune

Raido ride, journey, quest; is the name of the r -rune of áš±.

When one sits in one's home
everything looks so easy;
talk is easier than action.
To walk in another's shoes
and do better,
that is a most difficult task.


This rune represents the path of a person’s life and how it interacts and intersects with other people’s life paths.

Raido reminds us that although it may seem that we have accomplished our goals, life and change continue and we must go along with the flow. Raido points out the right (or best) path among a selection of choices and alternatives. We will eventually end up where we began, but on a higher level and with a better perspective. The journey never really ends.

Radio literally makes things go.  Where Fuhu f makes things go, Radio represent the directed pathway on which it will travel.  It is used as a conduit for taking control and beginning new projects.

Recognize that everything comes in cycles. By following these cycles you will be able to progress quickly and efficiently and live your life with the flow of the seasons.  Embrace hard times in the certainty that the harder it is now, the more beautiful things will be in the future.


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